We’re sharing some skincare staples to keep you refreshed and glowing, including a cheat for brows when you don’t have time to fill them in, a matte primer that won’t dry you out, and a fab multitasking mist.

Mario Badescu, Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater Facial Mist
After hearing more and more buzz about this product I thought why not give this $7 product a try. I am so glad that I did. It is a multitasked and works hard. I use this to set my makeup, revive tired skin, and as a toner. Simple ingredients such a rosewater are easy on the skin and work for all skin types. -B

Facial mists like this are also great to use before moisturizers and primers when doing a full makeup look for a little extra hydration! -M

Etude House, Tint My Brows
After researching K beauty favorites last year I stumbled upon this brow tint and I fell in love with it. This is not something I use every day but for special occasions (wedding, date, photos), when I go to the beach, or just when I really want pigment to last. I have pretty thick eyebrows so this helped me not have to fill them in and not have to reapply when I sweat or swim. This can work miracles on people who have almost no eyebrows also. See here from Refinery 29.

This product can seem a little intimidating at first but trust me it works. It is a very thick gel that you apply to your brows and let dry. Once they dry you peel off the gel and your brows look naturally filled in via brow tint/stain. In the times that I have used this I found a few things that helps with application/duration of the tint. I apply the gel thick. I found that it peels off easier. I do not overfill because it will stain your skin. I also used a q-tip with a little vaseline on the end of it to help move the gel to where I want it and to wipe away areas I do not want the gel. Also, I apply and go to sleep with the gel on my brows. I found that this helps the stain last longer and sometimes for up to 2 days. I always peel in the direction of my eyebrow growth. By doing this I have never had some of my eyebrow hair removed which I have read in reviews. I have found that If I do not wash my brows with soap the product lasts a lot longer. Typically I will apply just after taking a shower. -B
For a video how to go here.

Fresh, Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil
Face oil isn’t as messy or shiny as it sounds. This blend of pure oils, including grapeseed and sweet almond, is the perfect product when your skin is feeling a little parched. It is super lightweight and packed with vitamin E and omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9. While I don’t use this every day, it’s definitely a miracle product if I’ve been lackadaisical about moisturizing. The product packaging recommends 1-2 drops, but I use 3-4 drops to ensure plenty of coverage for my face, neck, chest, and tops of hands. I find that my skin really absorbs the product best right after a hot shower. And because this is a Fresh product, you know it is paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. Pro tip: Don’t just try to rub it around really quickly. Instead, take a few extra moments to warm the oil and really press it into your skin. You’ll glow. -M

Dior, Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base
I believe that makeup (specifically primer and foundation) shouldn’t look like makeup; it should look like your skin, only better. By layering this primer underneath my favorite foundation, I finally found the perfect combination that makes my skin look fantastic. I get light-medium all day coverage that absolutely does not budge. This primer doesn’t claim to be matte, but that’s how it finishes, which I find quite nice. Mattifying primers tend to be a little drying on me so this is a great balance. And there’s some additional sun protection by way of SPF 20, which is always a bonus. For more info, check out my full review plus application tips for this superb Dior product. -M