This winter has been the worst! With freezing temps and record lows across the country, it is hard to even make it outside much less look cute.

Have no fear! Being an East Coast Girl I have quite the collection of boots that are sure to last any weather.  So here is a list of boots that I love that will help you look stylish in this winter slump.


These are boots I wear when I need to get on with my day but there’s serious snow and ice. I’ve had these Sorel boots (below) for five seasons and they have never let me down. They have released them each year since I purchased them and they are the warmest shoes I own. Worth every penny.

The pair of Marc Jacob boots are well, very Marc Jacobs. They have thick tread and tough leather. So if you aren’t looking for an intense snow boot and still don’t want to fall flat on your bum in the ice, these are what you are looking for.

It is hard to wear stilettos or pumps when you look at your weather app and it reads 17 consistently. I am not one of those die hard heel wearers especially if it means I will feel cold. So I like a nice sleek boot to pair with a skirt, jeans, dress, etc., during the months of November to March.

​I have the Marc Fisher boots in leather and they are so pretty.  The embroidered boots come in at $93 so if you want to shop a “trending now” item that doesn’t break the bank these are a nice option.


I have a lot of these options and they are closet staples. My favorite from this list are the Enzo Angiolini knee high leather boots which are are my go-to work boots. I recommend them because they are warm and made from good quality leather.