This post is all about favorite staples – items that never quit. From hair, eyes, to skin we’ve got you covered.

1, bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil
Containing sea salt to purify, cucumber to retain moisture, sunflower, and borage (a miracle seed extract) this oil cleanser is filled with lots of great ingredients to cleanse and nourish. This is the first oil cleanser I’ve ever used and it was a game changer.

I have breakout prone skin that ranges from combination to oily depending on the season. I was nervous to try an oil cleanser, but I am happy that I did. My face has never been more clear and I have never used a product that removes makeup this well.

​When applied, this cleanser will take all of your makeup off immediately. I wear a decent amount of eye makeup and this melts away even my heaviest eye liner and mascara with ease. Once you rub the oil in for 1-2 minutes, add water and it will become a white milky consistency. Wash off and dry with a clean cloth. Your face will never feel cleaner, and will not be stripped of natural oils. I use this at night to wash away everything and then follow with the Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil and Good Genes Serum.

Bonus – This cleanser lasts approximately 3 months at a time for me and I use it everyday! So it is a great buy that makes your wallet happy.

2, Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir
A little back story to why I chose this product. In 2013 I became pregnant with twins. I noticed that my freckles were getting darker on my nose, a once light age spot was becoming a noticeable dark spot, and a second dark spot was appearing on my face.

This, ladies and gentleman, is known as the “mask of pregnancy” or Melasma. It affects 75% of pregnant women. It basically means that 75% of pregnant women will form a dark spot on their face. So, I was hazed into to this lucky club by my hormones. Also, having double the hormonal surge caused my body perform a proper mutiny and age my face rapidly. Not only were dark spots appearing, but my complexion changed from clear to a badly broken out one. Lucky me, right?

First thing is first, I researched high and low for how to control the acne. The oil cleanser above was a miracle worker and still is, but the age spots! Nothing I tried helped the spots – you name it – if it said it would lighten them I bought it. Nothing worked until Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir.

I am very into clean beauty and try to incorporate natural and organic products when I can. I first became interested in Goldfaden when I heard it was the first physician strength, dermatologist developed, natural skincare line in the industry. This was a new product they released in September and I was very excited to give it a go.

The first week or so nothing. Then end of week 3 using this product I woke up one morning and noticed a big difference in the age spots. Slowly but surely they faded. One spot completely went away, another is very light and unnoticeable now, and all of my freckles lightened to the way they were pre pregnancy. I started using this in October  and ended using it in mid January. This product did its job and is worth every penny of the two bottles I purchased. If another spot were to appear on my skin, I will repurchase this in a heartbeat. When I purchased this product it came with instructions to use with an exfoliant and a daily sunscreen. I used Dr. Brant Microderm Abrasion 3 days a week, Ipkn primer with SPF 15, and Super Goop! SPF 35 CC cream along with the elixir to ensure maximum results.

3.  Dior Escale Pondichery
The Dior Escale perfume line was created and influenced by traveling to exotic places. Pondichery was inspired by the coastal town in India. With a base note of Jasmine absolute, top note of cardamom, hints of sandalwood, and heart note of black tea makes this one of my all time favorites. It is subtle yet divine at the same time. This is what I wear for special occasions. A sweet, romanic scent that is timeless and beautiful.

Okay so these are three items that are always in my rotation. Write us! Tell us your ride or die and well review.