Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!

1. “The Great Awokening”
A fabulous read about how the intersectionality of pop culture, politics, and awareness came crashing to a head in 2017. -M (The Cut)

2. What’s Up With France?
More than 100 French women have denounced the #MeToo movement. Um, what? I guess la vie n’est pas belle. -M (The Cut // New Yorker)

3. Ew, Tech Bros
Totally on-board with people having the freedom to express and explore their sexuality how they see fit, but these Silicon Valley sex parties seem a bit odd, right?? -M (Vanity Fair)

4. Healthy Hearts
Anyone with a family history or increased risk of heart disease or “early-onset cardiovascular disease” should read about this recently identified new risk factor. -M (NY Times)

5. Election 2020
Are you guys Team #Oprah2020? If so, watch out. It looks like Elizabeth Warren is positioning herself to be quite the formidable foe considering she has “amassed more money in her campaign war chest than nearly any senator in modern history.” Just sayin… -M (Politico)

6. HIIT at Home
Not feeling the vibe at your over-crowded gym? Here’s a quick HIIT sesh you can do to break a sweat solo. -M (Lululemon)

7. The Science of Cows
Scientists are trying to genetically modify and breed all-male cows to help the cattle industry. The science behind this is impressive (and scary), but we should also be having a larger discussion around why humans consume so much beef. -M (MIT Tech Review)

8. Early Riser
If one of your 2018 resolutions was to wake up earlier every day, here are a few helpful tips. -M (Inc)

9. Pen and Paper
I’m a huge proponent of writing things down – not just using phone apps – because it helps me stay organized and I remember things better. Apparently there’s been research on this and there are in fact many benefits to using a paper planner or journal. -M (NY Times)

10. Saving Some Cash in the New Year
Need a dress for an event or party? Here are 9 things to ask yourself before you buy something new. -B (Apartment Therapy)

11. No One is Perfect
Skin is skin, and well acne happens. Lately acne has been showcased in movies and pointed out on celebrities in a positive light. We are all for that. -B (Nylon)

12. The List
A round up of the top travel destinations of 2018. Our city, Washington D.C. made the list! -B (Architectural Digest)

13. Diablo Cody is Back
Okay if you are like me, you may have watched both Juno and Young Adult ten or more times. We can’t wait to see what she brings this time in her new film Tully. -B (Vogue)