Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!

1. One Year Later
With the anniversary of the Women’s March coming up this weekend, here are a few important stories:
Examining the rift between two major “women’s march” groups (NY Times)
Helpful hints for the 2018 marches (The Cut)
Official info for the Women’s March on Washington 2018 (Facebook)
How the Women’s March made an impact on activism (Vox)

2. Shady AF
Reports that a certain orange-hued occupant of the White House paid off an adult film star are disgusting, but not actually surprising. -M (Mother Jones)

3. Because Science Is Awesome
Other Wordly – See an amazing 3-D image of the Orion Nebula. I watched this and immediately wondered if – in the grand scheme of space and well, life – it was really necessary for me to go into work the next day. Seriously, this video is incredible. -M (National Geographic)

Is That A Cenote? – Back on Earth, archaeologists discovered a huge underwater cave system near Tulum. These images are also quite stunning. -M (MSN)

4. Skincare For A Steal
New skincare brand, The Ordinary, is making waves with tons of positive reviews for its bargain-priced products (I mean a Hyaluronic Acid serum for $7 what??!!). If the reviews are even remotely true, we need to own every single product like immediately. -M (Elite Daily)

5. Best News EVER!
As someone who lives in grandpa-style sweaters, I’m super excited with the announcement that Mr. Rogers cardigans are apparently having a moment. -M (InStyle)

6. Understanding Each Other in 2018
With most American citizens distrusting either political party, we have to get in touch with our roots. We need to look with an inclusive and diverse lens of who we are within the different economic layers of our nation. This piece does exactly that. It follows a low income struggling town in middle America’s Ohio river valley for a year. The goal? To understand why once Democrats who hate the MAGA agenda still voted for Trump. -B (The Intercept)

7. Healthy Home
The decor trend that will lead to a healthier you and make your home much more zen. -B (The Zoe Report)

8. Not Cool Ulta, Not Cool
An ex Ulta employee blew up the company’s spot on twitter this week with proof that they repackage returned and used makeup for resell. WTF! More have spoken out with receipts as well. -B (Today)

9. Reading List
Here are 11 feminist reads to start out 2018. This includes Together We Rise Which we are ordering because all proceeds go to the Women’s March movement. -B (Hello Giggles)