I spent part of my life growing up in Germany. It was a great country to live in, and two of the things I took away from there are skiing and snowboarding. I don’t go as often as I used to anymore. However, once in a blue moon I will still make the trek to a resort and take a few runs before a spiked hot chocolate or two.

When I was a teenager I was very much into head-t0-toe Volcom/Billabong for my attire, but styles change.  I guess my snowboarding style has evolved from poncho-wearing hippie to simple and sleek.  Also in 2018, other brands have incredibly cute and chic pieces that they did not offer int he past.

For this post, I made sure for each look to include layers from brands I personally own, sunglasses with UV protection from the bright snow reflection, and water-proof multi layered snowboarding jackets that keep the snow out.
Enjoy and happy trails!


I loved this jacket and decided this would be the inspo for this entire look. It is a shockingly great price for a high-end snowboarding jacket and can be worn everyday. Helly Hansen makes the warmest thermals in my opinion and I have worn them forever. I also, chose for this look Quay sunglasses. I like them because they are extremely durable, a good weight, pretty scratch resistant, provide uv protection,  and if you fall down on the slopes and crush them it is not a huge hit to your wallet.


Again, when putting together this look, I started with the jacket. I love the painted floral detail. Roxy makes some great snowboarding jackets. I have owned a few in the past. Overall everything I have every gotten from them has lasted for years. You can’t go wrong with North Face snowboarding pants in quality, but i haven’t always been a fan of their fit. Normally, I steer clear from brands like North Face or Columbia when it comes to snowboarding pants for women. Usually they are bulky, too wide, too long, and just plain unflattering. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how slim the legs were tapered and the reviews I read said that they fit great. I chose these Le Spec sunnies as another great quality pair of sunnies that wont become a tragedy if you fall down and crush them.


These are items that did not make it into today’s featured looks, but are needed before you race down the mountain. Protecting your skin, and lips with SPF is vital. You never realize how strong the sun is when you are on the mountain. I literally have come home with tan lines around my neck. Also, scroll through for my favorite gloves, some of the cutest hats, and budget friendly insulated socks and thermals.