Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!

1. Team Mueller
In WTF news, apparently the President tried to fire Robert Mueller. Not a good look for someone who claims everything related to this Russia interference investigation is fake news. -M (Washington Post)

2. Totally Screwed
The Doomsday Clock moved a minute closer to midnight. Last time it was this bad was during WWII. Excuse me while I get myself a drink. -M (The Atlantic)

3. Wandering Minds
Creativity can be strongest when our minds are most relaxed and on “autopilot.” Makes total sense, I get so many blog post ideas while washing my hair! -M (The Cut)

4. TV News
Strangest Things – The Duffer Brothers share the scoop on Stranger Things season 3, including number of episodes and an expected release in late 2018 or early 2019. -M (Glamour)

Your Next Binge – A fabulous look at the Netflix comedy, One Day at a Time and why it’s so important that this series “weave[s] specific Latino cultural references into universal humor.” -M (Vanity Fair)

5. Is This Real Life?
Most people either love L.A. or hate it. I fall in with the former. Regardless, this photo essay about Sunset Boulevard is a beautiful depiction of where and how the real California meets the myth. -M (NY Times)

6. Toner Questions
The release of Glossier’s new Solution had me re-evaluating the role of a toner in my skincare routine. Here’s a great breakdown and instructional video about this mysterious product. -M (ITG)

7. Feeling Sexy
One of our favorite bloggers, Abra from The Work Edit, shares her annual pre-Valentine’s Day lingerie post. Excellent for tips and inspiration. -M (The Work Edit)

8. Gold Statues
Oscar nominations are out and while we’re impressed with the diversity of the nominees compared to previous years, we have two thoughts: 1) Where are all the Latino nominees? 2) Why didn’t Wonder Women get a nod in at least a technical category? Oh well, catch us live-tweeting the event (@16thandbarton) on March 4. -M (Variety)

Then there’s James Franco who was photoshopped out of the Vanity Fair Oscars cover due to sexual misconduct allegations. -M (People)

9. Sale Alert
Athleta has some great workout and athleisure wear on sale. I picked up these high-rise Chaturanga Tights ($54 after discount code) and have this cozy funnel fleece in my shopping cart ($72). -M