Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!

1. Congressional Drama
Breaking down the turbulence in Congress as the House and the Senate battled to fund the government with another shutdown looming on Thursday evening. -M (The Atlantic)

2. Epidemic of Bad Behavior
All the ways the White House failed miserably in its handling of a high-ranking staffer with a not-so-secret history of domestic abuse. -M (Slate)

Speaking of failings…can we talk about how and why women keep defending these abusive men? The current White House Communications Director is one such women and here’s why it’s so not okay. -M (Daily Beast)

3. More Than Just A Superhero
Positive reviews are flooding in for Black Panther and we can’t wait to see it. But this movie isn’t just another well-made, entertaining superhero romp; it’s importance is deeper than that. This essay delves into that importance and cultural significance – it’s a beautiful read. -M (Time)

4. Oh My Pod!
The guys of our favorite podcast (Pod Save America) just inked a deal with HBO. They’ll be producing a series of hour-long specials leading up to the 2018 midterms. Can’t wait for more content! -M (Vulture)

5. Castro 2020?
Julian Castro, the former Obama-era HUD secretary out of San Antonio, is starting to test the waters for a potential presidential bid. While it’s certainly early on in the process, it’s great to see more diverse (and Latino!) candidates pursuing the highest office. -M (NBC News)

6. Skincare Crazed
Masks, cleansers, serums, treatments – skincare is everywhere right now. You already know we can’t get enough of a hot new product or a good dupe so this headline – “Why is everyone obsessed with skincare?” – had us laughing. It’s legit a good question! -M (The Cut)

And to that end…here’s an affordable take on a minimalist skincare routine! -M (The Cut)

7. We’re All Winners…
…because the 2018 Winter Olympics are here! We’ll be catching the Opening Ceremonies tonight, but check out the full calendar and tv viewing schedule to make sure you catch all the action and drama. -M (NBC)

8. #LoveLoft
Loft just launched their plus-size collection and there are tons of great items! Keep an eye out for a longer post next week, but this is really fabulous for women who struggle to find their sizes. -M (Glamour)

9. Party Tips
Throwing an Oscars viewing party in couple weeks? We love these top tips for throwing a fabulous awards night soiree! -M (US Weekly)