Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!


1. Young People For Change
Teen survivors of the most recent school shooting are not backing down or shying away from the debate on control. On the contrary, they’re leading the fight. If you missed the CNN town hall this week, check out the transcript. These kids are so impressive. -M (CNN)

2. Team Mueller
Another week, another round of indictments for Trump associates. This is starting to be a regular thing. -M (NPR)

3. Nurturing Little Minds
It seems each week something crazy happens on the news. Also, in this 24 hour news cycle world, it is hard to shield kids from what is happening around them. So here is a short to the point read on how to talk to kids about terrible things. -B (NPR)

4. Give Me ALL The Yoga Pants
A NY Times opinion piece about yoga pants versus sweatpants went viral this past week. The writer lamented the takeover of “skintight, Saran-wrap-thin yoga pants” and how they were “bad for women.” Let’s just say the internet was NOT having it. I disagreed with the article on so many levels! Blogger Grace Atwood from The Stripe wrote the perfect rebuttal. -M (NY Times // The Stripe)

5. For a Good Laugh
Vanity Fair randomly uploads webisodes where very famous people hijack a random person’s Tinder. Cue genius comedic timing and hilarity to ensue each time. The most current features one of my favorites Jim Gaffigan. -B (Vanity Fair)

6. 20-Minute Sweat
A quick workout that’s perfect when you’re on the road or just need a change of pace. -M (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

7. New Red Carpet Glam
Glossier hit the red carpet this week as Saoirse Ronan (of Lady Bird) rocked the brand’s makeup for the BAFTAs. Her makeup artist said she was “flipping the contour” by using blush and highlight to bring out the Saoirse’s best features naturally. I LOVE this refreshing approach to red carpet beauty and think I might be ready to give my contour palette a vacation. -M (Harpers Bazaar)

8. Bedroom Decor
I’m in the process of redecorating our master bedroom and came across this list of “nightstand alternatives”. Some are hilariously impractical, some are pretty freaking creative! -M (Apartment Therapy)

9. For Taco Tuesday
Simple is better – that’s our taco motto. But when you need to jazz things up a bit, here are five great recipes for your next fiesta. -M (Washington Post)

10. Because Skincare
Deciem, parent company of our new skincare obsession The Ordinary, has been in the news lately – not for good reasons. The latest CEO and CFO departures have us furiously trying to stock up on faves. -M (The Cut)

11. Black Panther
If you haven’t seen Black Panther this past week, drop what you are doing and go. It is stunning, thrilling, empowering, and just beautiful. Here are a few insights on what made it so aesthetically pleasing (besides Michael B. Jordan dayum). -B (Variety)

12. Buzzworthy
Collagen is everywhere these days. In skin products, as supplements, and now food. To know what it is and how to incorporate it into your every day diet via the edible variety look no further. -B (Bon Appetit)