Everything you need to know; this week’s must reads and more!


1. From Russia With Love
It seems not only has our election system been infiltrated by the Kremlin, but now the NRA. For the past 6 years to be exact. Things just got a lot messier. -B (NPR)

2. Not So Equal Pay
A recently released study on education and the workforce revealed that women essentially need to “Get one more degree than a male counterpart to achieve his same earnings.” Seriously, wtf. -M (Fortune)

3. Oscar Weekend
Have you seen all the noms for Best Picture yet?? If not, here’s a great reading list to help you get prepped for the big event. As a reminder, we’ll be live-tweeting the Oscars (@16thandbarton) so follow us and join the conversation! -M (NY Times)

4. Creative Genius
Inside the mind of Hollywood rising star, Donald Glover. -M (New Yorker)

5. New Favorite Spot
The coffee giant just opened a new type of store in Seattle and it looks fabulous. Starbucks Reserve will be larger format coffee shops with more food options and cocktail bars. Can’t wait for these Reserve shops to start popping up everywhere! -M (Delish)

6. Stress Relief
Meditation is not easy for busy and active minds. However, studies show it helps significantly reduce stress. So for a stressful world – here is a beginner’s guide to meditation. -B (Yoga Journal)

7. Because Skincare
Thinking about Botox? Here are 15 moisturizers, serums, and treatments to try before schedule an appointment for the needle. -M (Allure)

8. Early Risers
As a night owl, I’m forever looking for tips and tricks to help me get to bed and wake up earlier. Here are a few more ideas to try. -M (Newsette)

9. Banishing Fuzz
Having just suffered a slight hair removal accident the other day, this list of products for at-home hair removal couldn’t be more timely. -M (InStyle)

10. Spring Break is Around the Corner
Wanderlust is officially upon us. We have tried to figure out a quick spring break trip this year and found this list of travel destinations inspired by beloved authors. -B (Conde Nast Traveler)

11. The Cherry Blossoms are Coming!
With peak bloom forecasted to hit our city in FOURTEEN DAYS (we’re not excited). We cannot wait to see all the beautiful things our city has to offer. We will also be hitting up the DC Cherry Blossom Pop-Up bars. -B (Washingtonian)