Labor Day Sales are ending, but it is not too late! I usually use this weekend to rest and relax, soak in the sun at the pool and shop!

The sales this year seem well… extra. Amazon has become a retail behemoth, and stores have stepped it up to compete.   I don’t remember giant retailers such as Nordstrom having up to 40% off in the past for Labor Day, but here we are and I’m happy.

My order of shopping usually goes:

  1. Kids- I wait until back to school shop until now because the last minute deals are worth the wait.
  2. Husband- His birthday is coming up and why not take advantage.
  3. Myself- I usually stock up on my staple brands Levis, Halogen, etc.

I went through all the items I ordered/ shopped in store and thought this post would be a great way to share not only my faves, but the pieces I scored big on.


Back To School

I usually rotate through 4 stores to get my kids clothing. Zara, Target (specifically the Cat and Jack line), J Crew Crew Cuts, and Old Navy.  I am not about getting my messy 4 year-olds designer clothes. It’s the craziest idea to me because they grow so fast. I am all about getting them quality clothing.

The one sleeper with kids clothing no one talks about is Old Navy. I as an adult do not shop there because I think it is not a great quality product, and the tailoring is bad. However, the kids items are almost as if they are from a completely different company. There is not difference in quality from my J Crew kids items. Plus they are adorable.

Listed below are my favorite kids items I picked up this weekend:



As I mentioned earlier my husband’s birthday is right around the corner. I use this weekend to buy items for him that I know he needs. He is so hard to shop for sometimes, so I know if I stick to the classics he will be happy. He is a creature of habit, and his go-to places are Urban and J Crew.  J Crew is running a great sale with additional sales bonuses for card members. So, must of the items came from there this year.

Here are my favorite pieces I picked up for him:


Shopping The Staples

Okay once I have everyone else taken care of, I shop! I try to get a well rounded list of staples.

  1. Sunnies- the bigger the better. I live on the east coast and ride public transportation. I’m not always looking to make eye contact and say hi. Plus Nasty Gal is having 50% off everything.
  2. Shoes – One work, one happy hour
  3. Jeans- You always can use a pair. Plus, Levi’s are my go to.
  4. Tees- I stick to 2-3 brands when buying tees. Madewell is my favorite for fit, quality, and comfort.

Below are the items I picked up:


Have any go-to brands you recommend? Comment below.

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