Stella Jean, a name to know. My prediction is this designer will become a house hold name in 5 years. Jean is said to be the protege of  Giorgio Armani himself. Her collections are colorful, playful, imaginative, and inclusive.

I spotted her collections two years ago while surfing the pages of I feel her pieces exude joy. It was clear to me they were meant to after I researched her and the motives behind her collections.

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She is a Rome based designer of Haitian and Italian roots. These Caribbean meet Mediterranean influences show heavily in her collections. Vibrant, hand-stitched, and always made from sustainable materials make her pieces a stand out in the changing fashion industry.

For her Spring 2019 Ready to Wear Collection Jean worked with artisans from Benin to create a line of sustainable, organic cotton that benefits the community in which her fabrics are resourced from.

It is the ebb and flow of the give and take between communities she finds inspiration from for her designs and the programs she creates. Each program created to give back and  that  is what makes her  as a designer so appealing.

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