It’s been awhile since I have done a list of my drugstore/Amazon favorites so I thought this post would be a great opportunity to catch up. I  discovered these wallet friendly must-haves this past October, and I can’t see myself using anything else.



So here are my top 3 right now:

1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nails 

I have this in a few colors buy my favorites are Head Bang (brown shade below) and Game of Chromes (gold shade below). I am now on day 11 of wearing Game of Chromes and they are just now starting to look chipped.

I do have to say this formula needs the Step 2 Top Coat to work properly. I tried without and it lasted just as long as a regular polish.

A little back story on how I found these polishes. In September I went to a new salon that opened by my home. The nail tech did not open a package of new tools, and the tools were already set out on the table. No one was in the salon, but me and I just assumed she opened them prior waiting on a customer to arrive. During my gel manicure, I the nail technician clipped one of my cuticles pretty deep. She cleaned it and I didn’t think much of the whole thing. Until that night my finger began to feel sore. Fast forward 36 hours. My hand was swollen and huge. It was throbbing and I was in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital and found out that I had contracted a MRSA staff infection from the salon. I had to be on antibiotics, steroids, and painkillers for 4 weeks straight. I also had to go to the doctors several times a week to see if I needed to either be admitted to the hospital, or possible have a hand surgery. Yep, things escalated quickly. Lesson learned always ask for the tech to open new tools in front of you, or bring your own. I for one have pretty bad anxiety about the whole thing, and probably will never get my nails done professionally again.

So this lead me to my quest to find the perfect at home manicure. Each week I’m getting better and better. After trying several formulas, this one takes the cake.

2. Dewy Cell Eye Plus Cream

I have serious dark under eye circles. I am always trying to combat them. They are due to one part heredity, one part insomnia problems, and the other is that I’m a mom that works and there is not enough time in the freaking day to ever rest.

I have used and loved Golfaden MD Bright Eyes Cream for a few years now. It is a Goop favorite, and yes it works. I have written about it here.

I just wanted to change it up, and see what else was out there. Then started my deep dive into K-beauty. I was reading about how Dewy Cell is one of the number one K-beauty brands and that this eye cream is a standard for Korean Women. After going down the Instagram rabbit hole, and learning it is only $30,  I was sold. I also was happy to find that it is sold on Amazon, and has all 5 star reviews.

I started this in the beginning of October and already see a decrease in the pigmentation under my eyes. I also have noticed that my skin is not as dry there, and that my concealer is not creasing as much as it usually does. So I am sold!

3. Morphe Brontour

This was a whim Ulta buy. I was there right before closing, and browsing the Morphe famous eye shadow palettes, and came across this little thing. I picked up Celebutante. It is described as a “matte toasted tan + golden sheen / Ideal for medium skin tones”.

I’m telling you it is gorgeous! I am more on the medium skin tone side, and a lot of bronzers look ashy or grey on me. I really need that warmer gold undertone for it to show up looking okay.

One thing that was so impressive about this line (I linked below this photo) is the range of shades. They go from fair to deep! Which I am all for. This is my first Morphe product purchase, and I am looking forward to trying others.



Let me know what you think in the comments below! I usually post every Monday so be on the lookout for lots of new beauty content and winter skincare in the next few weeks.

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