Last week I wrote all about budget beauty buys I’m loving. I also wrote that I would be focusing on skincare for the next few weeks in my posts. Why? Because I have struggled for years on how to transition my skincare in winter months and I feel I’ve finally figured it out. So, I wanted to give pointers to any reader out there who needs some sound and affordable advice.

Today’s post is all about Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.  It is is one of the most soothing things I’ve applied on my face. I had a microderm abrasion last year that caused my skin to become bright red and peel an insane amount.

After research on how to calm my skin down, this wonder product kept popping up. Named a favorite by the likes of Jane Birkin to Karlie Kloss, I ordered and I am so glad I did.

What is it?

Well it is a makeup artist’s staple,  primer, makeup mixer, moisturizer, and makeup remover all in one. It happens to be paraben-free and clean. That is a big must have for me.

Embryolisse was developed in the 1950’s France, and it is no frills which I love. My skin drinks it up and feels so soft afterwards.

Whats the big fuss?

Into the Gloss has called it a staple. Plus, Vogue has named it a beauty hero.

Here is a snippet of Vogue’ Beauty Editor  Lauren Murdoch-Smith’s review:

“I first spotted Embryolisse backstage at Paris Fashion Week. It has been used by make-up artists for years to desensitize models’ skin from continuous make-up application and removal from back-to-back catwalk shows. It then became a beauty editor secret, bought in bulk as part of the Paris pharmacy hauls during trips to the skincare capital. Now it’s easily available and affordable in the UK (no more Eurostar tickets required, thankfully) I keep it as a go-to moisturizer in case of any irritation flare-ups. I also add it to foundation for quick, dewy skin or if I need an extra shot of hydration. I always take it with me when I’m flying long-haul and it works to rectify any skin issues that might crop up when I’m abroad. It’s extremely rich so a small dose is all I find I need.”

Enjoy! Until next week.

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