2019 has been a hard one, especially through the scope of my personal life. I guess you can call January- June to be exact, a dumpster fire. Then moving on from July- present day a smolder. I have gone to more funerals this year than one should. Plus, I moved across the country to a new city where I feel completely out of place. Not the most glamorous thing to blog about, but it’s real. Some years are harder than others, and this one takes the cake.

Speaking of cake, I stress ate all summer and gained 11 lbs. It happens to the best of us, and tried my best. That is all that you can do right? Give it your all, and then try again the next day.

One of the things that also changed was my gym membership. I no longer belonged to my dance studio in DC, and well, I haven’t found one yet here in Pittsburgh. I’ve tried, but nothing that really speaks to me. Plus, I haven’t joined a gym yet, due to the fact that I needed to figure out where my family was living. We moved to Pittsburgh fever quick, and into temporary housing until we could find a permanent residence. Stuck in the no man’s land of the fitness world, I started my summer romance with at-home workouts.

I needed to workout to shake off some of the stress and anxiety that comes with changing your entire life in 3 months. I noticed a healthy difference in days that I did workout. I slept better, I didn’t grind my teeth while thinking (well maybe I still did a smidge), and I started to regain my overall patience with everyone.

I guess my point in writing this post is that it is okay to feel out of control with your life, but there are easy ways to get out of the spiral. The first easy way you can start is to just move. I found these four at-home workout videos a great way to get back to “my old self” not just physically but mentally.

To make it to the blog, these workouts had to meet the following criteria:

  1. High calorie burn in a short length of time.
  2. If I didn’t feel a burn during, it did not make this list.
  3. Bare minimum to participate. A towel and water bottle at most.
  4. Anyone can do these!

And here they are……..

This first one is with Jennifer Lopez’s personal trainer. It is quick, and makes you understand how she got her body. I was sore the first couple times I did this one.

I shared this one in last week’s HEALTH + WELLNESS section of our newsletter The Barton Edit. It is a great stress reliever that works your shoulders, abs, and glutes. This is one that I do when I have under a half hour to be out the door.

This is the one to do when you are stressed the fuck out. It will work you till you can’t move. It is by none other than Kayla Itsines. We are fans! Have lots of water for this one.

I can’t post workouts on here and not put up a Yoga video. This flow is specifically created to help with stress and anxiety. My husband and I have done this one together a couple times. I am all about Yoga with Adriene and have visited this specific video over the years to help de-stress.

Thanks for reading my post, and thank you for all the love and support on our blog. I like to think of us as internet pen pals! If there is a topic you want to see let me know, or if you enjoyed this article comment below.

Until next time. Namaste and just fucking breathe. It will be okay everyone.