Hi there!

Two friends sharing a decade of memories, laughing over cocktails on a summer 2016 night- that’s how 16th and Barton was born.

Combining two contrasting and unique aesthetics, we hope that our ideas and insights might appeal to today’s every woman – the one who loves a luxurious moisturizer, but appreciates a great drugstore dupe; the one who preps a green juice for breakfast, but insists on a pinot noir (or two) after work; or the one who rushes to spin class, but relaxes after with pizza and Netflix.

After all, we are all that woman – creatures of balance and contrast – because no one is only a runner or just a mom or any one thing. We are all many things. And with that in mind, we created this space for posts ranging from beauty to wellness to fashion and more.

We hope you enjoy what we share. So here it is, a platform made with a lot of love, a platform made for you.