We are all about lip care these days.   All of these products are hella moisturizing and also multi- purpose.


1. Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in Shae
I am very new to this brand, and after reading a few blogs with items featured I decided to give it a try. The first product I got was this Lip Locked Stain.

This little neutral pink-hued lip stain packs some serious pigment. It is a primer, stain, and gloss all in one. I love that it applies like a lip gloss and as the day progresses and it wears, it leaves a beautiful stain. It is very hydrating as it claims on the packaging. Most stains are incredibly dry but with this one you don’t have to exfoliate or use balm before.

Also, I love that it contains vitamins E and A, does not have any parabens, and is labeled hypo allergenic.

2. Winky Lux Flower Balm Jelly Lip Stain in Pink
I received my first one of these as a bday gift last year. I went through it in 3 months and quickly purchased another. This is a clear jelly balm that is ultra hydrating. It is non-toxic, naturally coconut scented, and reacts with your body’s PH levels to create a unique and personalized shade of pink. It is smooth, creamy, subtle, and I’m obsessed.

When you first apply it is clear, but changes to a pink hue. It is also beautiful to look at. Each jelly balm contains an actual real chrysanthemum inside.

My one con is that this stain only comes in one pink hue. I am constantly checking for a red and plum.

3. Smith’s Rose and Mandarin Lip Balm
Smith’s rose balm is an iconic beauty staple. It gets the job done. I love the way this mandarin balm looks with application. It is a sheer peachy-orange hue that looks flattering any time of year.

I also apply this to my hands at night during winter months or when my skin is particularly dry. I have used it to set my eyebrows in a pinch and I have applied it to my lids for a glossy look.

4. Glossier Balm Dot Com in Cherry
This is branded as a multi-purpose skin salve that does everything. I have not used it on my skin, however on my lips it is incredible.

I purchased the cherry hoping it would have somewhat of a hue. On me it doesn’t show. However, my lips survived the winter without and single crack or peeling. I am purchasing the coconut one for days in the summer sun.

I will say now that this formula is thick. It is like cake for your lips. It lasts for hours without the need of application. Also, I will make the bold claim that this is the best balm I have every used.

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