I had been on the fence about microblading for a few years, and about 6 weeks ago I took that leap. The picture above was taken one day after the process.

I have to say I am so happy that I did it, and will continue to do it.

Why Microblading?

Like many women my age, we came from the era of skinny brows. In high school I shaved my brows to pencil thin lines, dyed my hair blue with kool-aid, wore sparkles on my eyes, and wanted to be No Doubt Era Gwen Stefani. I look at old pictures from the early 2000s and cringe at how bad my brows were.

Fast forward, and it’s true they do not grow back. Well, some of my brows did, but not a lot. I regret taking a razor to my brows for years and can’t believe I did that.

I knew that brow tinting would not be enough because I simply did not have enough hair. So, around 2010 I stopped plucking/waxing and started penciling in my brows. It took me an average of 15 minutes a day to get my brow shape correct and natural looking. So damn time consuming it can drive a girl crazy. Plus, a good brow pencil that works and looks natural is expensive.

Microblading was easily the next step, but I was worried about the investment and results. After deliberating for literally years, I started to look for places.

Why Brow Geeks?

Chloe Hall the owner of Brow Geeks and I connected via Instagram (@brow_geeks) . She was quick and responsive to all my questions/ concerns. She went over the procedure with a phone call that answered everything in length. She also provides an in person consultation if that is your preference.

When I met Chloe I loved how easy she is to talk to. She makes the entire process as stress-free as possible. Her studio is impeccably clean, beautifully decorated, and serene. I also love that Chloe is a local DMV business owner. We try to support local businesses when we can.

One other reason to consider Brow Geeks is pricing. Chloe offers the best prices I have seen in the Washington Metro Area, which is a huge bonus.

Photo of Owner Chloe Hall via
Photo of Owner Chloe Hall via Brow Geeks

What is the Process?

Preparation: It is important to follow the guidelines for days and weeks leading up to your brow procedure before hand. You have to limit exercise, certain skincare routines, etc in days and weeks leading up to it

Consultation: This is when you discuss what type of brow shape you are looking for. We talk colors, overall process, healing time, aftercare etc. All this can be found on Brow Geeks for reference.

Procedure: Your brows are cleaned and then a stencil is used to map out the shape of your brows. Once you are set on shape and arch the numbing process begins. A topical numbing agent is applied and is set for a few minutes. Then a small blade is dipped into pigment and then small incisions are made to look like brow hair. The dyeing agent mixed with a numbing agent sits on your brows for around 10 minutes. Then the process repeats itself once more for a last run through.

Healing: You are given a small package with instructions and items you need for the healing process. You can also read on the website for specifics of aftercare.

Final Thoughts

The process was not scary or stressful. Having tattoos, I knew what the pain level would be. I was pleasantly surprised that after the numbing agent was applied I did not feel anything. During the last pass through it did feel sore, but not unmanageable. I do have to note that I have a high pain tolerance in general.

The results look very natural. The first few days the color is very dark, but it eventually tones down and looks no different than your real brow hair.

Get a touch up. I am scheduled for my touch up next week. A lot of my strokes did stay, but some did not take for me. (Which varies person to person). I could probably get away without a touch up, but I want my brows to last as long as possible. It is so liberating to not have to pencil them in daily.

Last and final thought, I am happy I did it!

Comment below if you have any questions about microblading, or just to say hello!

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