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Welcome back to the blog! We took a small break to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, but it’s time to seize the new year. We have spent hours creating and developing content for 2018 that is meaningful to us and inspiring for you. So let’s kick things off with our re-cap of last night’s 75th Golden Globe Awards.

16th&B’s usual awards show wrap-up consists of the fashion and designers we loved. However, this year we can’t help but write about how we were so inspired by the fearless women of the evening. Starting with the inclusivity and tone of Seth Meyer’s (okay, not a woman) opening monologue, then the powerful word’s of Reese Witherspoon vowing to tell the “everyday woman’s” story, to Elizabeth Moss quoting Margaret Atwood, and the phenomenal ending that was Oprah’s electrifying speech. Seriously, it gave us goosebumps and made both of us cry. If you haven’t seen Oprah’s speech yet, press play below and you will not regret it.

Through the recognition of the continuing efforts of tireless journalists breaking monumental stories, the brave women coming forward to share their traumas, and the #MeToo movement, Hollywood took this opportunity to shine the spotlight on its new Times Up initiative. It’s a much needed effort that takes hashtags and pins into real, tangible action. We felt so proud to be women last night. This revolution is just beginning and it’s exciting to watch. There’s a sense that 2017 was like ripping off the metaphorical bandaid we needed to begin societal and cultural healing. This awards show was unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes, and we hope it sets the bar to keep the conversation rolling and cements the understanding that women will allow this no longer.

Thank you for allowing us to pay proper respect to the surging tide of female empowerment and activism that’s going to make 2018 a banner year for women. Also, because it is us, we’re going to talk about gorgeous dresses and flawless makeup below. We are highlighting only our favorites this year because let’s begin 2018 on a much needed positive note.

This year was tough to chose because so many women looked fabulous.

Jessica Chastain – I loved the metallic detailing on the sides of her dress along with a classic red lip and those stunning earrings.

Eva Longoria – I literally said “Wow!” out loud when I saw her. She looks so beautiful with her baby bump and glow. Simple hair, phenomenal makeup and perfect v-neck to split ratio that made this dress a winner.

Viola Davis – Every year she is on my best dressed at any awards show. When I found out this dress was from one of my favorite designers Brandon Maxwell (also Lady Gaga’s best friend), I wasn’t surprised. He is known to create a perfect cocktail of old Hollywood glamour and what is trending in fashion circles today. Also, doesn’t Viola look fabulous! The necklace situation is to die for, her makeup was flawless, and can we talk about that gorgeous natural hair? My favorite of the night.

My favorite thing about last night’s awards (beyond the politics), was that the “little black dress” reached new heights. How could so many women look so goddamn fabulous all wearing the same color – seriously, it’s crazy.

Issa Rae – As soon as I saw Issa walk the red carpet I knew this would be my favorite look of the night. That plunging V paired with that stunning (and perfectly placed) emerald jewel was just divine. Also, her skin looked flawless and she rocked the most pristine smoky eye I’ve ever seen.

Diane Kruger – Always one to take a fashion risk, she didn’t disappoint. I mean, you guys, she’s wearing a jeweled cape. Swoon! She also had soft, understated makeup that complemented the dramatic dress perfectly.

Kerry Washington – That purple eyeliner and those bedazzled booties!! I was intrigued by the liner, but it was the unexpected and uber fabulous shoes that really won me over. Also, I’m beyond jealous of those perfectly tousled waves.

*All photos from Getty Images.


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