While the whole “new year, new you” mantra has a certain delicious ring to it, that approach might not be for everyone. Instead, we like to use the New Year as an opportunity to consider realistic changes and goals we can maintain for our overall well-being and not just list some unattainable resolutions that we’ll ultimately discard after a few weeks.

When we first started this blog, we knew it would not be easy. We knew it would take a lot of hard work and dedication so we started planning months before our launch to bring something to the blogosphere that we couldn’t find anywhere else. However, we never anticipated the personal road blocks we would encounter during our blogging journey. We realized we have a lot of room to grow and can improve if we hold ourselves accountable.

So here’s the list of “improvements” we’re working on for ourselves and for the blog. What about you? Any goals you’re working on for 2018? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


​1. Power Through the Writer’s Block
It can be so tough to keep writing when we’re feeling uninspired and in the past, we’ve both allowed those slumps to keep us from creating content. Unfortunately, if it strikes both of us that means major gaps in our posting schedule! Which is exactly what happens when you don’t see a post for a week or two. We are so fortunate to have a friendship that we can express this to one another and understand when we need breaks. However, after a few convos and bottles of wine we say no more! This year we’re determined to write through those feelings anyway and not allow writer’s block to beat us.

2. Be Social and Present
Instagram and Twitter is such a great way to engage with our fabulous readers so we’re committed to having a stronger online presence this year. That said, social media can be all-consuming so we’ll be trying to balance that with knowing when to unplug and take a timeout.

3. Stick to Our Vision
We started 16th&B with a narrow focus – to create unique, inspiring content for today’s every woman – and we want to get back to our original intention but branch out a bit more too. Our goal this year is to share more posts that feature both of our perspectives while trying to incorporate stronger themes around wellness, food, and travel.

4. Get Political
Since the 2016 election we have dug our heels in and joined the #resistance. We find it more important than ever to reach out, speak up, and get to work. We started 2017 with the Women’s March, donated to organizations that needed our help, showed up at our local community meetings the first week of every month, and even volunteered part-time during the 2017 Virginia governors race. The fight is hard and exhausting, but in 2018 we are not giving up.

5. Hydrate
As in with other liquids besides just coffee and wine. Not that we aren’t okay with being lushes, we are just trying to be more healthy overall. So here’s to drinking more water – whether sparkling, coconut, or filtered Brita (we’re in a city) we’re on that healthy kick. Yaasss to plump, glowing skin!

6. Invest in Quality Fashion and Beauty
We love a good bargain buy from Forever21 as much as next lady, but as we get older, we’re trying to invest in smart purchases of classic quality pieces that will last for seasons (and years) to come. The same goes for beauty as well, with a focus on skincare products and regular visits to the dermatologist or aesthetician to be proactive, not reactive, in our beauty regimen.

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