Hi Everyone! I wanted to quickly touch base. I last posted two weeks ago, and since then I officially moved into my new home (it’s been undergoing a couple renovations). For the last 14ish days, I have unpacked one hundred boxes, and patiently waited for Fios to install wifi. I’m so excited to share a few projects I’ve been up to. For now, let’s chat about skincare.

I have uber sensitive acne-prone skin. A couple years ago it got so bad I had to see our 16th & B favorite dermatologist Dr. Lily to clear it up. My skin was so out of control I had to get on a new birth control to check my hormones, take antibiotics for 3 months, and use a topical cream to achieve clear skin. Fuck right?

After moving across the country, mixed with the stress of losing a parent ,and constantly inhaling greasy food to cope- I broke out like crazy. Not as bad as a few years ago, but close. I was determined to not pay for a dermatologist this time around and did my research.

First I tried the natural Whole Foods route via the Evan Healy Acne Care Kit. I gave it a 4 week genuine go. Honestly, I would have been better burning 50 dollars. This stuff worked as bad as it smelled. BTW the products are a new smell. Something I have never encountered, and not for the weak.

Then I tried the clear skin Sephora collection. Meh…. not as bad as the former, but it didn’t clear me up as much as I wanted. It also dried me out causing fine lines to show. Yeah I’m not about acne treatments created for the teen demographic making me appear older.

On to month 3. Found in the form of a late night CVS coconut water run came Effaclar the miracle system.

This system is easy, 30 dollars, and clears up your skin immediately. I bought this as an eff it why not, and was I blown away after 24 hours.

Step 1: Wash- This facewash somehow removes all makeup easily and won’t over dry.

Step 2: Tone- The kind of toner that makes you want to put a fan to your pores and say ahhhh. A little goes a long way.

Step 3: Spot Treatment- Instructions say to dab on blemishes. I had to coat my entire face the first week.

It was not until after trying the system, that I looked up the reviews. Not only is this system dermatologist recommended, but it has glowing reviews across the board.

***Make sure to read the instructions carefully on when to apply these products. There are different levels for skin sensitivity. There are prescription strength acids in this that can hurt your face if not done properly.

After my skin cleared, I wanted to get my oil production under control. That is when I remembered the old reliable cult favorite Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

The 3 step system combined with this mask = magic. I do not mix the mask with apple cider vinegar like the instructions say. I find that too drying for my skin. Instead I mix very cold spring water. It will come out chunky (see photo above), but it still works great. Your skin will tingle, but your pores will thank you. I use this once weekly with the La Roche system.

I also wanted to add that I am not sponsored by these companies in any way. There is not an incentive for me to write this post other than helping out fellow ladies who have skin woes. I honestly believe in these products so much I wanted to share my knowledge.

Have skin probs and need to vent? Or need advice? Comment below. Mila and I are all about skin solutions. Most likely if a product is out there one of us have tried it.

Until next time!

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