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Airplane travel can be stressful and uncomfortable. The long lines, awkward security checks, weird temperature changes, and flight delays can be enough to make you feel like you need a vacation after your vacation! I do find that travel is always a little easier when I bring a few comfort items on-board. So before we launch into summer vacations, let’s revisit my favorite must have carry-on items and take a look at what always flies with me. Links below!

1. A reliable, packable tote – you can’t go wrong with the Longchamp Le Pliage. I’ve probably owned five of these in various sizes and colors. Plus, with unexpected winter weather, it’s not a big deal if this bag gets a wet.
2. Sugarfina gummies are deliciously perfect for a quick sugar treat.
3. A pair of sunnies are a must so you don’t have to dig through your luggage while hailing a cab. These from Le Specs are super fab, but I love this all black Quay pair because they’re just so classic.
4. Reading glasses because I catch up on novels and news in the air. My eyes get tired easily from so much screen time.
5. Long live the Kindle!! So many books, so many hours of use. Get one.
​6. Wireless Beats so I don’t strangle myself dealing with overhead luggage.
​​7. A notebook for reminders and ideas; it doesn’t get better than a classic Moleskin.
8. An oversized cashmere pashmina pulls overtime duty as a blanket, wrap, and scarf.
9. Of course an iPad – maybe I’ll even get some blogging done!
10. A luxurious hand creme that smells heavenly.
11. A favorite lip color is perfect for brightening up after a long flight. I love this YSL glossy lip stain.
12. I don’t do a full face of makeup before a flight, but this NARS creamy concealer tags along to make me look well-rested. I must be on my third tube of this; it’s amazing!
13. Rollerball fragrances were made for travelling and I’m obsessed with this Aerin Amber Musk scent.
14. Another mid-flight indulgence: La Mer The Lip Balm. It might change your life.
15. I received a sample of the Tarte Moisture Boost from Sephora ages ago and this little tin is fabulously hydrating. I slather it on around mid-flight to stay moisturized.
16. I bring this Honest Co. hand sanitizer on every flight because I spray my entire seat area (tray table, arm rests, etc) as soon as I sit down. I’m that person.
17. Travelling usually makes my skin freak out a bit, but the Grape Water from Caudalie helps calm redness and irritation.
18. On really long flights, my face has this weird reaction of being dry then oily. Olay cleansing face wipes give me a clean slate when I feel icky.
19. I always take a pair of warm, fuzzy socks with me on long flights. I wear a lot of thin, no-show socks, so I’ll pull the fuzzy socks over the top of whatever I’m wearing once I’m ready to kick off my shoes.
20. These Sephora eye masks are a luxury for most flights, but an absolute necessity for a red-eye. Sometimes I’ll pop these on mid-flight. They are great for de-puffing and hydrating tired eyes. The Pearl and Pomegranate are my fave for travelling.
21. Swapping out my everyday Brahmin wallet for a streamlined, thin wallet means I only travel with the essentials: ID, debit card, credit card, insurance card, cash.
​22. Like the Sephora eye masks, these Tony Moly face masks are a total indulgence. However, they take up like no space and it’s a welcome mood boost after a tough flight.


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