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Thanksgiving kicks off the official holiday season tomorrow. It can be amazing and fun and stressful and crazy – all at the same time! There’s travel, traffic, family, friends, booze, food, and parties – oh so many parties. Here are a few tips I like to keep in mind to help me enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season.

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Family dinners, office parties, and friendsgiving feasts – it’s definitely tough to keep from over indulging. It might be tempting, but don’t skip meals just to binge on a super big holiday feast later. Stick to a normal routine and eat at usual times to not feel famished when it’s time for turkey. Also, when at a party, stand on the other side of the room away from the snack table with all the chips, dips, and sugary treats. If the finger foods aren’t nearby, they aren’t as tempting. And try making food swaps. For example, if you’re eyeing grandma’s pumpkin pie, maybe pass on the dinner rolls. ​Finally, keep things balanced by throwing in a fresh juice every now and again. My mom swears by her carrot, orange, and ginger blend to stay energized.

​I’ll never be one to say “don’t drink” but we can all indulge in a smarter way with minor adjustments. Maybe try only drinking at get togethers. As much as we all love a glass of wine after a tough day, with so many festivities and functions there will be plenty of other occasions to imbibe. Definitely say no to creamy, sugary drinks like eggnog. Stick to wine, light beers, or clear liquors as it’s easier to track the calories in simple drinks. And of course, drink lots of water! ​This is a no-brainer, but we can always use a reminder.

With so much traveling during the holidays, our regular workout regimes get seriously interrupted. Don’t fight it. Instead, be spontaneous and roll with what’s available. Whether it’s crashing a game of Christmas morning touch football, tagging along with your mom’s walking group, or joining your brother for a weightlifting sesh – the trick is to just keep moving. Also, shopping, baking, and wrapping gifts totally count as cardio!

There’s always lots of hugs and kisses between friends and family (especially those you haven’t seen all year), so wash your hands often and carry hand sanitizer in all travel bags and purses. Also, popping a vitamin C supplement can give you a little immune boost. And if you feel like you’re actually coming down with a bug, it’s important to listen to your body. Rest, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, and take it easy.

The holiday season should be festive and indulgent so the bottom line is just to stay positive and enjoy yourself. Dance your ass off with friends, sing karaoke with your cousins, take a really long nap with your fur baby, and enjoy that extra Christmas cookie – guilt free. Oh and a few deep breathing exercises to combat stress never hurt anyone either!

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