The Drunk Elephant (DE) C-Firma is my every day AM serum. It earned a permanent place in my routine after giving me amazing results during this summer’s three-week European vacation through Spain and Portugal. I’ve used this serum every morning since the beginning of June and I’m legit thrilled with how it’s performed.

The serum itself is packed with antioxidants and skincare goodness, including vitamin E, vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid), vitamin D (from Chronocyclin), pomegranate enzyme, pumpkin ferment extract, licorice root extract, and virgin Marula oil. According to the Drunk Elephant website, these ingredients work together to promote collagen synthesis, protect against UV rays, improve cellular renewal, and optimize cell regeneration. Sounds pretty good to me!

These claims are a big reason why I decided to give this serum a chance during my last vacation. I tend to have problem skin when I travel and the C-Firma seemed like it would be a worthy opponent. Just to be safe (and to make sure I didn’t have a reaction), I started using the DE C-Firma a few days before my trip started and I paired it with the belif Aqua Bomb. The first few days of use were pretty uninteresting, but nothing bad happened so I packed everything up and off we went.

Now, after I fly almost anywhere, I can always count on a small breakout within 1-2 days of landing. The changes to my routine, diet, and stress can wreak absolute havoc. Amazingly, that didn’t happen this time (even after a trans-Atlantic red-eye where I got zero sleep).

Instead, my face was completely clear for the entire trip! And the odd hormonal blackhead notwithstanding, my skin has been totally clear since I started using the DE C-Firma. Yes, I also noticed that my skin looked brighter, but my love for this product is more about what’s been missing since using this serum – fine lines on my forehead are less noticeable, redness around my nose and cheeks is less pronounced, dry patches on my temples are gone, and my combination skin is far less oily.

I’m still using the same bottle I purchased in June (at 1-2 pumps per day) so there’s no risk of running out too quickly. Some reviewers complain about the smell, but it doesn’t bother me. Any scent the serum has quickly fades and I would prefer that to something synthetic that lingers too long. Also, the serum is a bit tacky on application, but it helps if you really press or massage it into the skin.

​As far as layering with other skincare, I have used a few different moisturizers on top of the serum with equal success. However, I did have trouble layering a primer directly on top of the serum. If I didn’t put a moisturizer between the serum and primer, there was a weird pilling effect. I would avoid that. I would also suggest the DE C-Firma for AM use only because of the Vitamin C (paired with an SPF) and save the retinol products for PM use.

I know it’s tough to find a product that produces genuine results, so I hope this review is helpful and of course, it never hurts to swing by Sephora to grab a sample! Enjoy!

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PS – One last awesome note about the Drunk Elephant brand – they are supporters of the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) which is pretty cool.

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