As the seasons change, so does our skin. Some of us have dry skin in chilly weather, while others are still battling oil year around. Either way, a gentle facial scrub is a great addition to your skincare routine and I’ve been really loving the Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion lately.

The Details –
Per the Sephora site, “Modern Friction offers age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining rice starch, cushioned in cream rapidly removes dead cells, uneven patches, and signs of skin damage and discoloration. Fine lines and pores appear instantly diminished. Lemon oil starts the process of illumination, all while aloe soothes and prevents irritation, redness, or flaking. The exfoliator is scented with the perk-up aromas of bergamot and peppermint.” It’s also good to know that it’s made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Why I Love It –
I use this exfoliator about twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh, and smooth. The best part though is that this scrub isn’t drying at all. It lathers well, smells good, and I don’t need to scrub too hard to feel like it’s working. The price point is a bit high ($40), but it’s pretty potent so the tube will definitely last a long time. Oh – and this wasn’t a random purchase; I got a sample from Sephora and was like “I need this!” after only trying it one time. I used to be a super loyal fan of the Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish (it’s also pretty awesome!), but the Origins will be living in my beauty cabinet for the foreseeable future.

Have a fave exfoliator that we should try? Let us know in the comments!

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