Considering the hyper-organized, type-A person that I am, it’s no surprise that I’m already excited to shop for my new 2019 daily planner. The feeling of writing down appointments and crossing off checklists really makes my mind happy, so I very much value the importance of a proper daily (or weekly, or monthly) planner. I went into detail about how I use my planner to stay organized in a previous blog post, but in short, I feel like if I write something down, it removes the burden of actively trying to remember tasks, events, or activities. Plus, I enjoy the “at a glance” benefit of flipping through a paper calendar as opposed to always having to open iCalendar.

So to help us all finish out this year motivated and start the new year organized, I rounded up a variety of awesome planners, including a few of my favorites. Happy planning and happy shopping!

Red and Pink Colorblock Planner from Target

Julia Kostreva 2019 Pink & Red Colorblock Planner from Target. These bold hues will be a welcome pop of color in your work bag. And I dig that this spiral planner will lay open completely flat.

Mila Planner-Anthropologie-FINAL

Mila 2018-2019 Planner from Anthropologie. Well of course I had to include this Mila planner! A simple hard cover design that covers all the basics with a beautiful rose gold accent.

Concealed Flax Dot Planner-Sugar Paper-FINAL

Concealed Planner in Flax Dot Linen by Sugar Paper. This LA-based brand makes some of the most beautiful stationery items around, and this fabric-wrapped planner is no exception. With sections for months, weeks, goals, and more, this concealed spiral option is actually at the top of my wish list.

Project Planner in Clay-Poketo-FINAL

Project Planner in Clay by Poketo. This planner goes beyond your normal year/month/week calendars to include sections for actual project planning with timelines. I also love that it has a notes sections that you can individually label as projects, tasks, ideas, meetings, etc. This is the other planner on my wish list!

WTF Planner in Hazelnut Cream-Hadron Epoch-FINAL

WTF Planner in Hazelnut Cream by Hadron Epoch. A streamlined planner that just as much notebook as calendar, I love the cheeky lettering on the cover and spine. Also available in Striped Oatmeal.

Weekly Notebook Planner-Moleskine-FINAL

Weekly Notebook Planner by Moleskine. If minimalism is key, then there’s no better option than a simple, black Moleskine planner. Unassuming and professional, this will always get the job done.


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