News happens fast these days and with so much going on, it can be tough to keep a handle on everything. That’s why I’m a huge fan of daily email newsletters. They’re sent right to my inbox so I can quickly get caught up on the biggest stories at my convenience. Here my favorite daily reads for news, politics, and entertainment.

General News – Geared toward women, these newsletters are great for a general overview of the biggest news stories and cover everything ranging from politics to business to social media to fashion and beauty. Even though I’ll sometimes read coverage of the same big issues across all three dailies, they still each have their own distinct style and perspectives that are emphasized. I feel like theSkimm is my favorite “all-around” email, but I love that The Newsette focuses more on wellness, beauty, and fashion while The Broadsheet (written by Fortune mag contributors) leans toward women in business.



Politics – I take in a lot of my political news these days via podcasts (Pod Save America!) because network and cable news can be so terrible, but I always end the day with the Crooked Media ‘What A Day’ newsletter. It does a great job summarizing political shenanigans in a conversational way while still sharing the important info you absolutely need to know. If there are major events happening (elections, etc.), I’ll include the Washington Post’s The Daily 202 and the Meet The Press: First Read emails into my morning reading routine to make sure I’m as informed as possible.


Entertainment – If you’re a huge TV and film fan like me, these two daily newsletter from Vanity Fair are must reads. Cocktail Hour is basically the intersection of news, entertainment, and politics while HWD Daily rounds up fantastic coverage of awards seasons, reviews of new releases, and interviews with the biggest stars.



Click on the links above to sign up for these emails and happy reading!



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