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We here at 16th and Barton are no strangers to sunscreen application. That is for sure. We have talked about it extensively in our posts throughout the years. Mila most recently wrote this piece about the importance of wearing it on the daily.

Currently I am on a trip with my family in beautiful Puerto Rico. Before I left, I wanted to make sure I had proper sun care especially for my face. I lather on my SPF 70 on my body, but I always hesitate to put the same stuff on my face.

Photo of Palm trees and a red jeep at the beach.

Why? Well for starters regular sunscreen meant for the whole body has caused my skin to peel/ burn and I almost always break out. Not just a tiny bit, but big time. So with due diligence I found the perfect sunscreens for your face that won’t break you out I promise.

I first tried these out last summer and was pleased to wake up without cystic acne developing under my skin. I have applied these items every day this week , and so far no burns, breakouts, or redness due to a harsh chemicals.

These are my top 3 picks.

The Drugstore Fave

Bottle of CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Spf 50

Developed by dermatologist, lightweight, and water-resistant makes this mineral formula awesome. I love how easy it blends in.

The Cult Classic

Bottle of Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen.

My love for Glossier runs deep. It has earned a cult following for a reason. It amazes me that each time I try a new product from them, it is just as great as the last one. This applies to their sunscreen. It dries clear, not white and will not break you out. Currently there is a waiting list for this product, but it is worth signing up to get it.

The Clean Beauty Queen

Bottle of Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen Spf 50

Supergoop! is another brand that consistently makes great products. I use this glow stick as a highlighter in the summer. I also rub it all over my face while at the beach. It does exactly as the name says – it makes you glow.

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