Comfortable, wireless, and (usually) made with lace – bralettes are definitely fashion must haves right now. They are perfect for layering with an oversized knit, for showing off under a slinky cami, or for cozy lounging on a Sunday morning – seriously, it all sounds good! I wear bralettes basically nonstop on the weekends so I thought I’d share my top picks, including a few Insta-blogger faves.

Happy shopping and please share any recommendations in the comments. I’d love to hear about your favorites!

252A2D6C-AA53-44F8-8AB2-BE76D3E462FDClockwise from top left: Free People Adella in Copper ($38) // Free People Adella in White ($38) // Lively Palm Lace ($25-$35) // Free People Lace Racerback ($20) // Lively Long-lined Lace ($25-$35)

Free People
If you’ve scrolled through IG in the last couple months, you’ve no doubt seen the Adella bralette in every single color. I caved recently and ordered a couple because they looked quite beautiful. Let me tell you – they are stunning and super flattering. I bought the Adella in two different sizes – the smaller was a little difficult to get into, but I felt really supported. The larger size was more comfortable, but offered less support. I’m keeping both options because there’s something about this bralette that makes me want to show it off and I just feel really good in it.

Another great option from Free People is the Lace Racerback bralette. It’s a more traditional offering but it’s comfortable, easy to wear, and offers good coverage and support. I’ve had a few of these for ages already and they wash fabulously – it really does seem like they might last forever.

I found this online retailer via social as well, and since ladies were raving about the products I thought I’d give the brand a try. I ordered two bralettes and a strapless bra (at a wallet-friendly $25/piece), and when the items arrived, I was really pleased with the quality. I’ll admit that I was disappointed in fit of the Smooth Strapless bra, so that went right back. However, I really loved the Palm Lace Bralette and the Long-Lined Lace Bralette. Even though the fabric is soft and there’s no padding or underwire in either bra, I still felt really supported without the bands or straps feeling too tight or uncomfortable. And in great news for ladies with larger chests, the Palm Lace Busty version is even available in DD and DDD sizes.

Calvin Klein
Don’t laugh. I know these Modern Cotton Bralettes look a little basic, but they are the most comfortable non-bra bra I’ve ever worn. The material is actually an incredibly soft cotton blend and the wide band is flattering and lays wells under the bust. On most sites, the size guide goes by band, but I went up one size for a perfect fit.

More Great Picks
Other solid options are the Honeydew Camellia Bralette (comfy and sexy!), the Madewell Longline Bralette (such a flattering cut), this Aerie Lace Longline Bralette (a fabulous line for smaller busts), and this Express Seamless Bralette (so simple and chic).


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