One of my resolutions for 2018 was to listen to new podcasts, and read books that are outside of my usual niche. I’ve given over 20 podcasts a try. After narrowing down a bunch, here are my top 4.

These 4 are very different, but all captivating. I can listen to these for hours, which is saying something because I am a formal Adderall taking ADD adult.

I love listening to people talk about the human experience, romance, history, and learning new things. These all check those must-haves off. 

Happy Listening, and please comment if you want us to give anything a listen. 



A quick description of each and where to find:

1. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness:
I, like the rest of America fell in love with Jonathan during the new take of Queer Eye. He is naturally funny, over the top in a genuine way, and has a laugh that is contagious. I instantly wanted to find out everything about him. That is when I discovered Getting Curious. So what are we getting curious about? Anything and everything. This half hour easy listen delves into all topics from bees to Brexit, to the Renaissance in the most amusing way possible. 

Favorite Episode: 

2.  Modern Love:
I am a hopeless romantic. I love cheesy romance movies (Along Came Polly is crack for me). So when I first listened tho this my heart seriously felt happy. So what is Modern Love? People telling true stories of exactly that in 40 minutes or less.  Special guests come in and read short essays by every day people about the struggles, highs, and hopes of love in today’s world. You will laugh, cry, and get the feels. 

Favorite Episode:


3.  American History Tellers:
This is for the history buff and visual learner. Okay so this is of course auditory and you cannot see it, but the music, sound bites, and descriptive manner our history is told brings this podcast to life. I listened to 10 of these in a row on a recent road trip. There are currently 2 seasons, and each episode is about an hour. . The first season breaks down the cold war era. The second the Us Prohibition Era. I was surprised by a lot of the history I did not know, and left with a very complete and comprehensive understanding of the subjects. 

Favorite Episode: 

4. Armchair Expert:
I listened to this podcast by mistake, and I am glad I did because it is easily my favorite right now. Episodes are long. 2 hours long. However, they don’t feel that way. Dax Shepard who is delightfully real and funny breathes a breath of fresh air into the tradition interview format. It seems unscripted, and the conversations seem natural. There was one episode with his wife Kristen Bell where they worked out a real argument that happened during the segment. For anyone in a relationship it was so refreshing. Also, he asks questions most interviewers do not, which allows the listener to discover something different about the guest you would have never known. 

Favorite Episode:

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