If you have congested skin, need a deep cleanse, or need to refresh dull skin, then look no further.

I found this product during a time when I felt there was no help left for my complexion. I have super oily skin. The smallest thing can make me break out, such as weather changing, traveling, or even using a new face wash.

A little background – I never ever had to worry about blemishes. I was that teenager with maybe had two zits all of high school. I skated through college and years after with no breakouts and clear skin. Then I became pregnant. I still had no acne during pregnancy. However, right towards the end, when your body creates this huge hormone surge to get ready to have the baby (or in my case, babies) my complexion type changed literally overnight and became oily. I’m talking blotting sheets at least once a day oily. And so my dance with acne and finding the powers that be to fight it began.

The day I walked into Lush looking for a mask (I heard from friends they were magic), I was defeated. I felt gross, and embarrassed of my face. A very nice employee listened to all my problems and concerns, which were to deep clean, clear, tone, brighten, and soften. He suggested this mask and gave me a sample that lasted me a month. It started clearing up my skin from the first use. All this is after acne creams, drying acne wash, and salicylic acid gels did not work. I have been buying this product for a year now.

I use it twice a week for approximately 15 minutes applied over clean skin. My skin is noticeably softer and my breakouts are down to a few blemishes here and there every couple weeks. My skin is a lot softer, more even, and brighter. My husband noticed after using this product for a week and then I began to receive compliments from friends. The best part about this mask is the price. It is $8.95! Also, it is handmade in-store with fresh ingredients, such as sage, rosemary, ginger, lime, eggs, honey, almond oil, turmeric, and more. Due to the eggs you have to store it in the fridge and has a shelf life of a month. Also, the ginger makes this face mask feel very warm on the skin. It kind of freaked me out at first, but it was fine and I loved the results.

​Another plus to using this face mask is that Lush does not test on animals and in fact fights against animal testing, all ingredients are ethically sourced, they are vegetarian, and are made with fresh ingredients (fresh produce such as whole fruits, veggies, and herbs go into the product). Enjoy, and if you have oily skin like me I hope this truly helps.


See how its made! I love that Lush as a company is so transparent in their process.










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