We’ve been seeing these types of posts a lot lately and thought this would be a great way for our readers to get to know us on a more personal level!

Since we started 16th & B, life has been full of ups and down in life , but we’ve enjoyed learning and growing along the way. We have tons of great stuff planned for the next few months and we can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you for following along on this journey – we love you guys!



1. How long have we known each other?
We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and we used to be roommates! Even though we don’t live together anymore, we still live pretty close to each other.

2. What do we do for a living?
Bex: I’m an elementary school teacher and also teach studio art classes.
Mila: I work in digital marketing and business development for a tech company.

3. Our favorite travel spots are….
Bex: I love anywhere by the ocean. Whether it is the coast of Maine to the rocky pacific of Costa Rica, I’m in heaven. Something about salty air, sand, and an ocean breeze settles me. My absolute favorite place in the world is The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica.
Mila: I have two favorite beach spots that I can’t get enough of – Miami and Riviera Maya. Each has its own totally unique vibe which I love. I have friends in Miami so we have a great time eating, drinking, and partying; and in Mexico, there’s nothing better than relaxing on powder-like sand while catching up on my reading list.

4. Do we prefer cooking or baking?
Bex: Although both are therapeutic for me and I love working in the kitchen, I have to go with cooking. I love to make Puerto Rican food and use recipes passed down from my grandmother.
Mila: Some of my favorite family memories are baking and decorating treats during the holidays. My mom has the best sugar cookie recipe that we’ve been using since I was a little girl, so for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved baking.

5. Best/favorite book we’ve read this year
BexAnnihilation – I’m reading it a second time to make sure I got everything before the movie comes out.
Mila: I really enjoyed reading Leading Lady about Hollywood icon Sherry Lansing. I’m a huge fan of all things cinema and her book was a fantastic and intimate “behind the scenes” look at some of the best movies of all time.

6. Fave way to exercise/stay fit…
Bex: I love to dance at a studio near my house and will drop into the occasional boot camp or yoga class.
Mila: I’m pretty loyal to Baptiste power yoga and the BBG program by Kayla Itsines.

7. Where is our favorite place to eat and what do we order?
Bex: Oh this is a tough one there a so many great restaurants in the DC Metro Area.  Right now it would be Zaytinya. I always order the brunch salad with grilled shrimp, a side of mushroom cous cous and my favorite cocktail, the Turkish Storm.
Mila: Hands down, Oyamel in DC. My husband and I order classic margaritas (on the rocks with salt), guacamole, tuna ceviche, and brisket tacos. Every. Single. Time.

8. Introvert or Extravert and Type A or B?
Bex: Extravert for sure. I get an energy boost being around other people and love going to social events. I like to have an hour a day  to be alone and collect my thoughts but then I need people around me.  I would say that I am a type B personality, but can be very detail-oriented about certain things.
Mila: Introvert, Type A. I would much rather stay in with a glass of wine and watch movies, read a good book, or write a bit. I’m also really awkward at small talk so meeting new people is hard for me sometimes. Oh and I love lists and schedules. I make lists for everything because I get strange joy out of crossing things out when completed. It’s weird.

9. ​What podcasts do we listen to? 
Bex2 Dope Queens is my religion. I freaking love it and I count down the days until the next one airs. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are my imaginary friends. I  start every single morning with Up First for a pretty quick and comprehensive round up of the day’s news. I also love Fresh AirThis American Life, Invisibilia, and Story Corps. I listen to all of these at some point every week.
Mila: I listen to The Daily every morning and the assorted Crooked Media podcasts while cooking dinner and cleaning, plus ScriptNotesThe Weeds, and Politics and More, if I have time.

10. An odd fact that not a lot of people know about us?
Bex: I have never grown hair on my arms. It just never came in and I am extremely okay with it. Another would be that I hate boats. I probably will never board one.
Mila: I secretly want to be a screenwriter and am working on two television pilots. Also, I’ve watched the entire West Wing series like three times.


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  • Marlene Pamer
    May 6, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    10 FACTS was fabulous and amazing. I loved this and happily laughed “no hair on my arms” and West wing triple watch! THANK YOU 🙏🏻 BOTH.