With pumpkin spice season officially upon us, it’s time to start burning our favorite seasonal candles. My favorites always have hints of spice or firewood that totally put me in the mood for falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and brisk weather. While some people might find it odd (*cough* Bex *cough* haha), my love of candles actually comes from my Mom. During the holidays our house is always filled with delicious scent of warm cinnamon thanks to her gorgeous array of red pillar candles. So to help you get the longest, most even burn out of your candles, here are my top tips for candle care.


Make sure the wax burns across the entire candle. 

PREP: Before lighting any candle, trim the wick to no more than 1/4”. This is also an important step each time you light the candle, not just for new purchases.

BURN: The first burn is the most crucial because you really want to get an even melting of all the wax. Make sure you can allow for at least 3-4 hours of burn time or until the wax has melted completely across the candle. This works out to approximately one hour for every one inch in diameter of the actual candle. An evenly burning candle has the longest life!

MAINTENANCE: Try using a snuffer (or a lid if the candle has one) instead of blowing out the candle. Blowing it out could get burned wick or soot all over the place and leave black streaks or spots everywhere. I have this rose gold candle care kit and I love it! Also, try not to burn the candle all the way through so all the wax melts at one time. If that happens, your wick can start falling over and things can get messy. And of course, when candles burn for too long, the base can get really hot and potentially damage delicate surfaces.


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Get creative with how you recycle!

RECYCLE/UPCYCLE: Finally, when your candle burns out, take care to recycle or reuse the glass. I love reusing my Diptyque glasses to hold beauty items in my bathroom cabinet. Some containers are perfectly sized to reuse for pillar candles as well.

Pro-tip: if you can’t get remaining wax out of a glass container, pop it in the freezer so the wax hardens. It should pop right out after that!



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