I appreciate a classic blue denim jacket as much as the next girl; I mean they really are just so damn versatile. However, I was recently at a rooftop party and saw no less than five (5!) of the exact same dress + denim jacket combinations within like the first 10 minutes of being at the event. It got me thinking about potential denim jacket alternatives.

After extensive searching, I settled on a couple different alternative styles: the moto jacket, the slim bomber jacket, and the white denim jacket. While none of these have quite the timelessness of the original, I think they’re good options when you’re in the mood to change things up a bit and these would all make solid additions to any wardrobe!

Moto Jacket: though slightly more appropriate for cooler temps, the moto jacket is my favorite option. I have two of the fabulous BlankNYC jackets below; they are so well made and look fantastic with dresses, jeans, you name it!

Slim Bomber: versatile enough to dress down with leggings but polished enough to rock at the office.

White Denim: your new summer staple that’ll look especially fresh with a light summer dress.


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