The time of year has hit where my skin is in a state of confusion. I’m sure if you have been running your heater on high for the past few weeks like I have, you are in the same boat.

Since 2014 I have been on what you would call a skincare journey. Post kids and entering my 30’s my skin changed, but in a bad way. I became breakout-prone, oily, yet dry, sensitive, and yes more fine lines appeared.

With multiple trips to the dermatologist, esthetician, and research of my own I feel like I finally got it. It only took almost 5 years, but who the heck is counting?

I developed a solid winter skincare routine, so you wouldn’t have to!

The Essentials

Night Serum, Day Serum, and a High Quality Moisturizer

First thing was the quest to find a nighttime serum that made my skin glow. I found that in clean beauty cult favorite LilyAna Retinol Cream. An organic night time serum that fights fine lines, increases elasticity, evens tone, and has over 3,500 positive reviews on Amazon. I gave it a try and I have to say it holds up to higher priced retinols. It also fended off breakouts which is a huge plus. Is a retinol for you? Well if you can remember Britney Spears in her prime, it is time to start applying a retinol at night.

Second, we can’t forget a good day serum. I have used REN products for years now, and I can’t find a reason to stop. They have impressed me and have proven to be a tried and true clean beauty brand. I have used the Flash Hydroboost Serum now for 4 years and counting. It literally makes my skin look like I just used a sheet mask. It also does not break my very sensitive skin out. The price tag is a bit steep on this product which is around $45, however I am telling you it is worth it. The smallest amount goes the longest way.

Third, is a great moisturizer. I needed one that was non-greasy, didn’t cause breakouts, and helped when my skin was at it’s driest. I found the French pharmacy favorite Embryolisse and I instantly fell in love. So much so that I have dedicated an entire post to it here. It checks all the right boxes and one being affordable.

The Extras

Primer and Mask

In the winter I tend to wear a tad more makeup because I am not as tan, and my under eyes look a little darker. I hate having to reapply makeup after working so hard to get it right in the AM. In comes a great primer. I love this French Girl Organics Neroli Primer. This was given to me by Mila because she did not care for the strong smell. I actually used that bottle and repurchased. Full disclosure it does have a strong earthy smell, but does fade after 10 minutes. It also is the only primer I like in winter. It helps my makeup glide on smoothly, and is moisturizing to boot. I would say it is not a good product to use in summer months unless you have a dry skin profile.

Adding all this added moisture to my skin in the winter can cause it to be congested at times. I have found that if I use a good mud mask this takes care of any clogged pores before they can start. GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment is the only mask I have found that does not over dry my skin and does the job. I do have to say that this is the only non-organic/ non-clean item on this list. I have tried others to try to make my entire seasonal routine clean, but I have not found one that is up to snuff. If you have any recommendations please post in the comments below!

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